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Samia Abbas Yager
Founder & Attorney

I understand from personal experience the struggles one has to go through when involved in the immigration process. My family immigrated to Canada before I was born. I am blessed with the life I have, because of the struggles that my family went through to secure a better life. Growing up and gaining an understanding of what those struggles were, gave me the aspirations to make a positive difference and work to help people.  


My many contacts with the practical implications of immigration began with studying law and working and living in the U.S. as a lawyer and culminated with moving back to Canada with my family to achieve my law license in Ontario. Those experiences bestowed on me an empathy that cannot be taught. That empathy compels my motivation and compassion to provide my clients with a means towards pursuing and accomplishing their goals; whatever they may be.


I am licensed to practice law in both Michigan and Ontario. I chose to open my cross border practice, to be able to hold my own family’s tribulations as a model of what I would like to offer to my clients. My mission is to give people new hope and opportunities to better their life, whether professionally or personally.


I earned my J.D. Magna Cum Laude from UDM Law School. I also earned my Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Sociology and Criminology and my Master’s Degree in Sociology, where I focused my thesis on domestic violence and aiding victims of crime. 


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